Practitioner Test Drive — Strengthscope® + VIP Walkthrough

Practitioner Test Drive — Strengthscope® + VIP Walkthrough

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Are you a consultant/coach or HR/L&D practitioner wanting to "test drive" Strengthscope® for your practice or organization?

You're in the right spot!
Take advantage of this special offer to give this revolutionary approach to strengths a try.
Upon purchase, instructions for how to take the assessment will be emailed to you.
After completing the online questionnaire, your results will be emailed to US and a member of our team will reach out to you with date/time options for you to join one of our VIP Walkthrough video chats.
Once you're scheduled, we'll send your report to you for review before the debrief.

And when you go on to Certification, we'll even give you a coupon so you can apply your $95 towards that amount!


NOTE: If you're NOT a consultant/coach or HR/L&D and still want to get a Strengthscope® + coaching session, please go HERE.