Strengthscope® Practitioner Training

Strengthscope® Practitioner Training

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Get certified to use the most energizing workplace assessment in the world! Join the revolution and help your clients or organization achieve more by teaching them to #lovework.

There are four (4) parts to Strengthscope® Practitioner certification training:

  1. Virtual pre-work — You won't sit in a classroom and listen to an instructor drone on for days on end—instead, you'll get the "information download" part done before you arrive via short, engaging, bite-size videos.
  2. First half of In-Person Training, MASTERY OF TOOLS (1.5 days) — Gain mastery of all 5 products/instruments/assessments in the Strengthscope® suite through practice scenarios and engagement design. [Video #1 below]
  3. Second half of In-Person Training, STRENGTHS LAB (1.5 days) — An experiential laboratory that shows you exactly how to take information and turn it into action, leaving with a detailed plan for how to grow your business or impact your organization. [Video #2 below]
  4. Continuing support & education — After training, you'll join our private Facebook group for Practitioners and have exclusive access to some of the top strengths experts on the planet, along with business advisors who will help you continue growing your capacity and influence.

Explore the two (2) parts of In-Person Training in the videos below!