Strengthscope Strengths and Resilience - Foundations for Success Workshop

Strengthscope Strengths and Resilience - Foundations for Success Workshop

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Wednesday, July 19, 8:30-12:30

***Comprehensive Mental Health Services***
17844 East 23rd Street
Independence, MO 64057
Held in the Board Room

NOTE: Upon purchase, you'll receive an email with instructions to take the Strengthscope assessment. This will take you 20-25 mins online. Once it's complete, we'll send your report to you—it's required that you print and bring a color copy to the event!



Strengthscope Strengths and Resilience - Foundations for Success Workshop

Join us for a very special workshop with Strengthscope U.S. Co-Founder Mike Miller and Chief Partnership Officer Pamela Potts. 

Preparing for unexpected challenges or changes in both our personal and professional lives can require a conscious and focused effort. In order to practice and develop resilience, it is important to try to reflect on current copying mechanisms, stress related triggers, and evaluate what needs to change, where you need support, and importantly, where you have natural strengths and are already succeeding.

Therefore, more than ever it’s crucial that we build our resilience, so we can navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity, handle change and pressure, and find coping strategies to help us manage our stress levels.

Building resilience can be a tough process and needs to be a conscious one. Fortunately, anyone can develop and build their personal resilience, even if they are not naturally confident or resilient person. By maintaining a positive mindset and focusing on strengths, your own and those of your colleagues you will learn to cope and even thrive during times of pressure and change.

In our workshop, we will walk you through the Strengths Framework for building resilience.

As part of your attendance, you’ll receive discounted access to Strengthscope ($395 value!), a powerful assessment that will further pinpoint your areas of highest and best contribution to your team and organization.