Strengthscope® Practitioner — Virtual Training

Strengthscope® Practitioner — Virtual Training

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Our Strengthscope® Practitioner Virtual Training program is designed for you to gain knowledge and tools on how to develop people using their strengths. This practical and interactive training program is delivered through our unique blended learning approach, combining engaging virtual learning with video chat touchpoints.

Strengthscope® Practitioner Virtual Training is an approximately month-long process, done at your own pace and scheduled around your life! You will learn the business case and benefits of a strengths-based approach at work, along with:

  • The background and psychometric properties of the Strengthscope assessment profile
  • How to develop people to realize their full potential
  • How to translate awareness and knowledge of your own and others’ strengths into success
  • How to provide constructive and appreciative feedback and coaching based on the Strengthscope® report
  • How to translate learning into practical, business relevant outcomes and accelerate your business!

StrengthscopeTeam™ provides a completely new way to harness the power and potential of a team. Peak-performing teams arise when they are able to combine their strengths with positive team disciplines and habits, and StrengthscopeTeam™ shows teams how to do just that. The assessment profile is built on years of applied research and user feedback, bringing the best from decades of insight into high-performing teams.

Accreditation includes:

  • Ability to order Strengthscope® Standard, Strengthscope360™, and StrengthscopeTeam™ reports
  • Ability to order and utilize StrengthscopeLeader™ — the only true strengths-based 360 leadership profile on the market!
  • Team Toolkit, including activities and instructions for facilitating greater team effectiveness
  • 2 Strengthscope360™ reports (1 for self, 1 for practice session)
  • 1 60-minute report debrief for your report
  • 1 90-minute virtual touchpoint post-eLearning
  • Access to private Strengthscope® Practitioner user area
  • 1 Deck of Strengthscope Cards™
  • Strengths newsletter & regular updates
  • “Getting Started With Strengths” Presentation and Facilitator Guide
  • Membership to the Strengths Consulting Forum (LinkedIn)
  • License to self-manage your own projects through the Strengthscope web interface
  • All materials (program materials, marketing info, etc.) needed to perform and sell individually-focused sessions